Co-Founder and Executive Director 

Sarah Zingg

Sarah started moyo and manages the whole operation on the ground in Goma. She has worked as a conflict analyst in Goma since 2011, currently with Search for Common Ground. Previous employers include the Enough Project, CARE International, and the Small Arms Survey. She holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and Security from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. 

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Lara Jacobs

Lara, family member of Rigolo Nouveau Cirque, touring with Cirque du Soleil and her famous Balance Act. She studied dance years back at Alvin Ailey dance school in New York City. Always on the search to create something new, she started designing feather head decorations as well as custom made fire costumes and props. Traveling the world and always being present in the media, it is possible for Lara to advertise moyo throughout the world. 


Rigolo Sanddorn Balance


Support tailors and designers 

Mariella Hurni

Mariella spent one month with the moyo team in 2014, designing our first collection with help from the tailors. She taught the tailors in high-quality tailoring with detail to perfectionism. She has significant couture  clothing experience from her years at a luxurious leather & fur clothing boutique in Berne and an haute couture atelier in Basel, Switzerland. She holds a degree in Couture from the University of Fribourg.


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At moyo, we aim to create economic spaces for people whatever their background, to develop economically and independently. Understanding that overall economic development depends on individual economic independence and progress. Our tailors are the heads of big households, they have the pressure of financial responsibility over many children, and they have faced numerous challenges to put themselves through school and training. Developing a team of competent tailors has demonstrated the challenges facing men and women of employment age in North Kivu and the skills displayed among our tailors is testament to the potential. They are experienced, ambitious and they are eager to earn a living for themselves and their families.

Julienne Sikayako

Julienne is 30 years old and lives with her younger brother and sister and four children in a small house in a suburb of Goma. When Julienne turned 18 years old, her sister-in-law passed away and Julienne became the guardian of her brother’s two-year old daughter. In 2001, Julienne and her family fled the war in Maniema, for Goma that they felt would be safer. Although Julienne’s wish was to study tailoring, she was forced to study teaching as the degree took one year less and money was tight. After graduating from secondary school, she followed her passion in her spare time and began interning with different tailors, making a bit of money where she could to support her family. Being responsible of a household of seven, Julienne has learned to ration what she earns from tailoring to maximize her income.


Ever since she was a child, Julienne knew she wanted to become a tailor, to work with her hands to produce something beautiful - we, at moyo, are proud that she is one of our team.



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At moyo, we take a collaborative approach to business and its contribution to progress. Every member of the team contributes their ideas to moyo’s designs and as a result, we can offer you collections through-cut with international taste.