The Democratic Republic of Congo 


The Democratic Republic of Congo has enormous potential. With its vast agricultural, natural, and mineral resources, the Congo has the potential to become Africa’s key energy provider and the main engine for growth.


Yet, the DR Congo is among the least developed countries of the world. Most Congolese live hand to mouth and have poor access to social services, including schools and health facilities. Almost 90% of the population lives below $1.25 per day and the life expectancy at birth is 48.7 years, according to the Human Development Index.


DR Congo is still recovering from the devastating consequences of internal and international conflicts that began in 1996. Millions have died and been displaced and the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed. This is the time for Congo’s reconstruction and economic growth is a central and vital component of the country’s rehabilitation.


In the eastern provinces, conflict is still ongoing although recent developments provide tentative optimism and reasons to hope. However, dozens of armed groups remain, and harassment and violence remain daily risks for the civilian population. There are 2.7 million internally displaced Congolese people in the country, of which 70% are in the East. This continued underlying insecurity makes it difficult for people to earn a steady and dignified living - moyo aims to contribute to economic solutions by Congolese, for Congolese.


Images of Goma and its surroundings by Steven Hamburger