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moyo - moyo means heart in Swahili


What is moyo?


moyo is a Congolese fashion brand. We produce a limited selection of fashionable, desirable clothes using colorful African-print fabrics from eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. We are based in Goma, in the province of North Kivu. moyo is the first of its kind. We produce high quality fashion locally and sell it internationally.


Eastern DR Congo has experienced two decades of conflict and is currently considered one of the poorest in the world. However, the Congolese spirit and their formidable sense of fashion remain strong. moyo aims to contribute to a better livelihood to a group of Congolese women and men and their families by providing the opportunity to earn steady incomes. We train them in high quality couture and tailoring and incorporate their invaluable ideas into moyo’s design portfolio. 


Our mission - moyo is dedicated to improving the lives and opportunities of Congolese women and men through training in high quality tailoring.


Our approach - At moyo, we take a collaborative approach to business and its contribution to progress. Every member of the team contributes their ideas to moyo’s designs and as a result, we can offer you collections through-cut with international taste.